Welcome to my website. My name is Andy and my passion in life is the langue des oiseaux.

First and foremost, I am a reader. Not just of the books, the clinical files and the journals of my day job. I also read cards, crystal balls, coffee grounds and natural omens and curios.

People ask me to read for them.  They ask me questions – from love questions to questions about their karma, their finances, or whether the new house is haunted amongst other concerns – and I read cards (or otherwise) to answer their questions.  You can ask me to read for you, here.

Cards fascinate me. I prefer playing-cards, from the so-called ‘ordinary’ variety to the Petit Lenormand (36-cards), and the Tarot de Marseille (78-cards).

Sometimes, however, I will use cards such as l’Oracle Belline, the Tarot Persan de Madame Indira, or the little known French Fortune Telling Cards. Some like to call cards of this variety “oracles” – but any tool, cards or otherwise, used in divination is an oracle. I write about cards in Fortūna’s Picturebook.

My love of the cards is shared by many and has resulted in my teaching students.  I teach in a fresh and common-sense way, that is less about theory and more about reading!

Some see divination as spiritual practice and others claim it as a science. For me, divination is an art. The purpose of art is to explore the nature of perception; to challenge, derail and stimulate: that is to elicit a response. If we divine, we change perspectives: that is why it answers questions and can unravel yesterday and tomorrow.

Four common descriptions of my work are: clear, precise, logical, and straight to the point. I am anti-woo-woo and fluff.

I like to keep it simple. My focus has always been on delivering precise, unambiguous, and practical answers.   For this reason, I am a classical fortune teller and prediction and clarity are the benchmark of my work.