Stars, Stones, and Crystals


Astrology fascinates me. My focus is Perso-Arabic and medieval. It has become a passion; especially, horary.

You ask a question. I cast a chart for the moment that question is read by me and understood. I read the horoscope and give you an answer.

It is essential that your question is precise and clear. Failure to do so results in the chart not being ‘radical’ and unable to provide a proper answer. It can be two parted, e.g. will I start and a relationship in the next three months and, if so, with whom.

You can ask two separate questions.  I also offer a combined horary and large-card reading.  Both cost:£150.00.

Cost: £100.00


I use several casting sets. The Amulets of the Goddess and the Crowstones are the most popular. Depending on your enquiry, I can cast these several ways.

The most popular is the Council. Here I draw between five and seven amulets or stones. The charms or stones offer a consolidated statement and wisdom that goes deep. Popular for spiritual and meta questions.

Cost: £65.00


The crystal spheres hold a particular fascination. I have three: clear quartz, amethyst, and venus-hair.

Each reading is different. From sepia images to those that appear like reflections on still water. At other times they form like coffee-grounds in tasseography.

Perfect for all questions.

Cost: £100.00