Grand Tableaus

Le grand tableau translates as the big picture. Less than a hundred years ago, this was the most common form of reading cards.

Tableaus paint a fascinating portrait of a person’s life. We see how all the different strands interweave, and precisely who is involved and doing what and where. Thus, this is a reading of interrelation and depth.

In the English-speaking arena, tableaus are synonymous with the Petit Lenormand. I know this method well and it is my favourite. But other varieties do exist. For example, the old readers preferred simple playing-cards laid out in four rows of eight à la Bésigue.

I offer the following tableaus:

  • Tarot’s Atouts (21-cards).
  • Bésigue (32-cards).
  • Petit Lenormand (36-cards).
  • Playing-Cards or Tarot’s Pips (52 or 56-cards).

As described above, a tableau reveals a picture of your entire life in connection with certain topics. For this reason, we utilise significators. For example, the Ring is the significator of a relationship in the Petit Lenormand, and l’As de Cœur is the card of the home for the playing-cards and the Tarot.

As such, you need to choose a topic or pose a question. Without such context, I cannot elect the appropriate significators. Once the topic is set, I will cast the tableau and provide you with a report.




£150.00  (21-cards)
£200.00 (32-36-cards)
£250.00 (52-56-cards)