Large Readings

I always tell clients that the reading size is not about answers, but additional information. A small reading will give you an answer. But a large reading will give you an answer and a full overview of the matter at hand.

Basically, after a large reading, you can go home and write a book about the situation.

For an extensive reading, between nine and fifteen cards will be dealt. Depending on the nature of your enquiry I will decide on which pattern to use.

Three common draws are:

  • Tirage de l’Evolution (9-cards).


  • Petit Oracle (12-cards and a surprise).


  • L’étoile de la destinée (13-cards).

Again, I can adapt each reading to individual circumstances. For example, the Twelve Houses (12 atouts + 3 pips) can be used to answer a love-question but also to investigate the effects of a relationship on other life-areas.  It also makes a good year ahead reading.

Whatever draw I use you are looking at a comprehensive but clear analysis.


Cost: £80.00