Medium Readings

A medium sized reading is versatile and very popular. It retains the on-point incisiveness of the three-card reading but offers some additional advice or further insight. So, if you want to know what is going happen and what you can do: go medium.

Each reading is tailored to the client’s needs and the question itself. Often this involves adapting a classical draw. At this level, I use between five to eight cards.

For example, the tirage en croix is a perfect draw of five-cards that shows the dynamics of a situation and advice. Very flexible.

French readers are partial to réponse immédiate draws. I can deliver that via a small tableau of six cards laid out in two rows of three. Again, very adaptable.

With the seven-card horseshoe, the cards can advise what to do and where to forbear. Considering human nature, such information can be a lifesaver.

I also have a fantastic five or seven card draw adapted from the classical 32-card tableau. Perfect if you need to identify problems, and how to overcome them.

Whatever draw I use you can be assured of an answer with nuance.

Cost: £65.00