My Services

I am a traditional reader and fortune-teller.  There is an event-oriented approach (predictive) to my work. However, I do also read about spiritual matters and so-called meta-questions.

As a reader, my goal has always been delivering precise, unambiguous, and practical answers.

For this reason, I work from a strictly impartial stance that requires an element of detachment on my part to achieve neutrality. I do not offer opinions. I also do not provide psychobabble, or spiritual platitudes.

Unlike many of my peers, I do not work from spiritual, esoteric, or ethical biases. To do so compromises honesty. If I was worried about your spiritual development, or whether a question is too focused on a third-party, I could never give you a precise and honest answer.

And that is my commitment: I give precise and honest answers.

Do I get it wrong? Sometimes. I am human. But my philosophy is the cards, the stars or the curios are never wrong.  It is the reader who misses something.