Reading by Size

What is the difference between the three sizes?

A small reading is straight-to-point, an uncompromising reply. The larger reading, however, will also include contextual information and a full overview of the question. A medium reading falls in-between, giving an answer and some additional details or advice.

What about the tableau?

A grand tableau is all about interrelation. It paints a big picture. Thus we see how the different threads of life converge. For this reason, they are best when you want to go really deep into matters and get the complete lowdown.

Which is the right one for you?

Discounting expense and what you can afford, it depends on the amount of detail you require in addition to your answer. Do not think you need an extensive reading to get a right answer – a small reading will give you a good answer. The size simply reflects additional detail. You do not always need chapter and verse.

What is the deal with the cardless readings?

They do not involve cards. That is the simple truth. Sometimes people fancy something different; it is certainly not about one method being better or worse.

A horary reading is when I cast a chart for your question. For the council, I throw between five and seven amulets.