Small Readings

In tense situations or muddled environments getting an on-point answer can turn things around. Get some certainty via a small reading. Clients are often amazed how incisive such a draw can be.

Here I cut right to the heart of the matter. My cards are razor sharp. Whatever your question, the small reading slices through dramas and ambivalence to deliver an uncompromising reply and answer.

Small readings involve three cards read as they fall. The French call it tirage-en-ligne. Read left to right, the cards give a precise answer in the form a sentence.

Sometimes I expand the initial line by drawing one or two more cards. In such circumstances the additional cards act as an apposition or offer further insight.

I offer the small reading with the playing-cards (32/52-cards), Petit Lenormand (36-cards) or the Tarot de Marseille (atouts). You are welcome to state a preference.

Cost: £30.00