Do you struggle with self-study? Do you find yourself knowing what a card is meant to ‘mean’, but struggle to read it in context of a real question? Do you struggle with being precise, succinct and on-point?

I offer both courses and one-to-one tuition and mentoring in reading the Petit Lenormand, the Tarot de Marseille, and the Playing-Cards.

In 2014 I asked my cards, ‘What is the skill that I possess that makes me a good teacher?’

They responded:


La Mort, L’Amoureux, and Le Soleil. I can cut through doubt and read with clarity.

And that is my commitment and aim. I teach students to really read the cards. To be decisive, unerring, and clear.

Unlike other teachers, I do not send students documents full of meanings or spreads, or make you watch videos on history and theory. I aim to help people read cards – and be on-point – not write a thesis. So all my courses and mentoring is done through real readings and practical work.

Both my courses and one-to-one programmes are non-hierarchal. I do not care if you beginner or professional, French or German school. All that matters is that you are willing to learn to read the cards. Use the links below for further information.