One-to-One FAQ

Programme Structure (1:1):

  • The tuition takes place through mentored readings, performed either through e-mail (Word Document), or WordPress.
  • Each reading involves a question, chosen and formulated by the student, but to context set by me, e.g. love or career.
  • I aim to enable a student to further develop and hone their reading skills via delivering an incisive and precise reading.
  • There are no prerequisites outside of having a suitable deck.
  • For each programme, I have carefully chosen the techniques covered so that can be taken by anyone regardless of proficiency or school of thought.
  • I critique each reading performed. My feedback, which can be an extensive systemic analysis, focuses on how you answer (or, sometimes, fail to answer) the question, and your ability to objectively demonstrate and argue the answer vis-à-vis the cards. I will explain where I think ‘you got it wrong,’ and how to remedy this and progress. The student is welcome, and encouraged, to both challenge and discuss my feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What level do I need to be reading at to sign up?

Each programme is open to all levels. Total beginners and professional readers have taken my courses.

Why are the programmes not structured like ‘normal’ courses?

My one-to-one programmes were designed based on my experiences, both as a tutor and as a student, and students’ feedback. Do you want to learn to read cards? Yes. Then we read. The Tarot Association of the British Isles uses a similar set-up for their endorsement programmes. Such a structure allows for a focus on reading and real engagement.

What should I expect of in your criticisms and feedback?

I will go through the reading and comment throughout. As such, you get an extensive analysis and critique. If I think you have gotten it wrong, offered an ‘opinion’ rather than a ‘reading’, lost objectivity, or started talking nonsense, I will tell you, and I will show you why. We can then discuss it. You can disagree and challenge me.

What deck do I need?

You can use any appropriate Marseille-style cards and Petit Lenormand (36). I will not police decks.

What style of reading is covered?

For each reading, the student will set a question. As such, the programmes cover the art of reading with precision and context. The techniques are all derived from traditional cartomancy and fortune-telling. I encourage students to read in a common-sense manner and to read cards, rather than deliver statements based on preconceived ideas or esoteric rote.