Cartomancy Courses

Unlike the one-to-one reading programmes, courses do not run throughout the year.

Depending on the topic (Tarot de Marseille or Petit Lenormand) and level (beginner or advanced), the length of courses is between six and twelve weeks.

Regardless of experience, students are welcome to sign up for either beginners or advanced level classes.  Experienced readers may find the beginners’ courses offer a useful way to refine and recalibrate existing knowledge.  However, due to the nature of the advanced classes, I do assume the student will have a foundation level knowledge in the topic.

All courses utilise three methods of transmission:

  • Video Lectures (Lesson).
  • Private WordPress Blog (Assignments).
  • Forum (Q&A).

Also, I can be contacted via Skype and e-mail.

There are no books utilised in the courses.  That includes my own.  As I use some techniques that are not always common in Anglo-American sources, these will be explained by me in the lesson and via WordPress.  Often this is just spreads.

Unlike one-to-one programmes, courses do not offer the structured, mentored readings.  I will, however, set assignments and these will be commented on.

All courses are non-hierarchal. I do not care if a student considers themselves an expert. In class, we are all students of the cards.