One-to-One Tuition: Petit Lenormand

Petit Lenormand | One-to-One Tuition

Programme #1 (12 Readings)

>The programme aims to enable the student to deliver an incisive and precise reading.

A student will be expected to perform a total of twelve readings.

Each reading is in response to a question formulated by the student to a context set by myself. We use the following frameworks: love, career, finances, and well-being (or metaphysics if the student desires).

lenocourseWe use three different sizes of reading: small (three-cards), medium (five-cards), and large (nine-cards).

Over the course of the readings, the student will develop a vital understanding of the role of essence, function, literalism, engagement, pace, and timing.

Regarding technique, the student will be familiarised with the art of reading cards ‘as they fall’ (tirage-en-ligne), mirroring, sinister and dexter, influence and influenced, and the past, present, and future.

Every reading is critiqued by me. I recommend performing no more than two readings per month. The average student completes the programme in four to eight months.

Cost: £250.00

Programme #2 (4 36-card Reading)

The programme aims to develop both confidence and precision when tackling the traditional 36-card reading.

Each student will be expected to perform four grand tableaus.

For each tableau, the student is expected to provide a clear, logical, and incisive response to a key-topic under consideration rooted in context and the cards as dealt.

Over the course of the readings, students will be familiarised and develop a clear understanding of the nature of the tableau and interrelation.

Students will be familiarised with several traditional methods of interrogation (counting, houses, intersection points, et cetera) but encouraged to see the function of techniques in a logical manner.

I critique every reading.

Cost: £200.00

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to take both programmes?

No, you are more than welcome to take one programme. You can also choose to study curriculum two and then decide to study the first plan. However, students who have taken both and studied them in order have frequently gained more.

Can I pay in instalments?

For programme one, you are welcome to pay two instalments of £125. You will be required to pay the second payment before completing the second cycle of three readings.

Can I have a one-off lesson?

You can for the Grand Tableau. The cost is £60. You will be expected to send me your complete delineation, a picture of the tableau, and significators. I will critique it. Unlike the formal programme, no follow-up discussion is included.