One-to-One Tuition: Tarot de Marseille

Tarot de Marseille | One-to-One Tuition

Programme #1 (12 Readings)

The programme is designed to ground the student’s reading skills in precision and incisiveness.

Each student will be expected to perform a total of twelve readings.

For each reading, the student will be required to formulate a clear question to a set theme set by myself. The four-contexts utilised are relationships, work, well-being, and finances. If the student requests, well-being can be replaced by either social life or metaphysics.

We will use three different sizes of reading: small (three-cards), medium (five-cards), and large (seven-cards).

For the three-card readings, only the trumps are used. Three trumps and two pip cards are utilised in the five-card reading. The entire deck is used in the seven-card draw.

Both the tirage-en-ligne and the mirror technique (seven-card) is utilised.

Over the course of the readings, the student will develop an understanding of the art of reading cards in progression, colour pooling and transition, card interaction and proportion.

Every reading is critiqued by me. I recommend performing no more than two readings per month. The average student completes the programme in four to eight months.

Cost: £250.00

Programme #2 (5 Readings)

The second programme involves five classic draws. Quite often students find themselves being hesitant or losing precision when reading cards in patterns. Here we prevent such habits, building proficiency and incisiveness.

Each student is expected to perform five readings of various size.

The five draws are:

  • Le Tirage-en-Croix (5-trumps + 5-pips).
  • The Twelve Houses (12-trumps)
  • The Celtic Cross (10-cards, full deck).
  • The Star of Destiny (13-cards, full deck).
  • Les Trois Marches (21-cards, full deck)

For each reading, the student is expected to provide a clear answer in the form of a single sentence. In addition to this, they will also need to give a full delineation of the reading and demonstrate how they came to their answer vis-à-vis the cards.

Also, attention will be given to the role of questions in cartomancy and the dispassionate objectivity of the reader. Theory covered includes the nature of the pips and timing.

I review each reading.

Cost: £200.00

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to take both programmes?

No, you are more than welcome to take one programme. You can also choose to study curriculum two and then decide to study the first plan. However, students who have taken both and studied them in order have frequently gained more.

Can I pay in instalments?

For programme one, you are welcome to pay two instalments of £125. You will be required to pay the second payment before completing the second cycle of three readings.

Can I have a one-off lesson?

Yes. The cost is £65 per reading. Readings can be between 5 and 13 cards. You will need to send me the cards, question, and your reading. I will review this and provide you with feedback. Unlike the formal programme, no follow-up is provided.