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abCartomancy Tarot de Marseille | Beginners’ Course
(Spring 2018)


Course Structure:

tarot001The Tarot de Marseille foundation course is held over eight weeks. There are five lessons (video) and live Q&A sessions. Also, there are assignments and practical exercises, as well as ad-hoc readings in group (private) and feedback.


Developing a perceptive and confident reading style.


  • Seeing the cards as an eikōn and not as an ‘assigned meaning.’ You will, therefore, learn to read the card in a common-sense and assured way that facilitates both intellection and freshness.
  • Reading the pips simply and logically (à la classical cartomancy) via the images’ essential nature and its function.
  • The physical nature of colour and literalism. Get to grips with personification, function, and action and focus on what is there rather than could be there.
  • How cards cohere with each other within a reading. Learn how to look beyond reading cards singularly, or in a locked position, and read them as a whole.
  • See the art of reading cards as they fall (two to seven cards) as well as several traditional spreads: Tirage en Croix, the Celtic Cross (and how to read it in 10-seconds), and the Twelve Astrological Houses.


Suitable for complete beginners and experienced readers. The beginners will develop a strong foundation in reading the Tarot de Marseille. For a more experienced reader, the course offers a chance to refine and recalibrate their skills.


A Tarot de Marseille deck (78-cards).

If you are interested in studying with me on a one-to-one basis, please click here.